Nonton Film Do You Like Brahms? Subtitle Indonesia

Do You Like Brahms?

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In defiance of her family’s opposition, Song Ah gets accepted to the music school of the same university where she originally majored in business. As she’s seven years older than her classmates, she finds her new academic life daunting and struggles to find strength. One day, she hears Joon Young playing “Traumerei,” which comforts her. Joon Young is a talented pianist who started playing the piano when he was six. He’s been friends with Jung Kyung, the granddaughter of Kyunghoo Group’s CEO, for a long time, and is in love with her. When he decides to keep his distance from Jung Kyung, he meets Song Ah.

Tanggal Terakhir Mengudara:29 Sep 2020
Jumlah Episode:12